High RAM with compatible graphics in Android phone and you are not aware of top action games with stunning graphics than it is an injustice for action games. Below this article, you will get the most suitable game for your Android or iPhone devices.

Many Action games are a stand in the market, but some have a different impact on user mind. Shooting and Adventures games are first in the race. With the take on exciting missions, cheerful challenges, deadly and brutal weapons, tons of reward, leaderboard dominance is enough to attract action games. According to Statista, Action and Shooting are two most popular genres in gaming which cover almost 50% shares in the whole gaming industry in the USA.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie

In 2018, Black Ops Zombie is the best-running action game in Android and iPhone devices. As a best-selling game for a reason, face 50 adaptive level. Survive throughout the challenge and make your name into the category of ultimate undead champion of Black Ops Zombie.

After completing each level, you can unlock the store of weapons like shooting rifles, guns, shotguns. Make a group of four people and play, multiplayer option is available, and for that, you have to connect with local Wi-Fi. When you are done with the challenge, you get the COD point for an individual player it shows the progress of the player. So, Are you ready to kill some Zombies? then download call of duty zombies APK from here today.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Another gem in the action category game, modern combat 5: Blackout. A first-person shooting game which inspired from the top series play call of duty. A fifth Edition is a blackout. A pace mission over the world map like Venice, Tokyo, New York.

Blackout has a various mode in the game like campaign mode. There is AI-controlled enemies are restrict you and fight with them to take on a challenge. To complete a mission, you have to shut down the helicopter, use gun and weapon. Across each level single player and multiplayer mode battles included in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.  

Call of duty: Strike team

A third person shooting game in action category of the series call of duty. Multiple way-out of the modes of the play like Survival mode, Campaign mode, Time attack mode, and domination mode. Take a gun and go to kill enemies with a single hand in single player campaign mode. Survival with the whole team and make out from the leaderboard.

Switch all mission-driven challenge. Weapons upgrade makes this game well formed in a shooting. Map perform an essential play, tactics to find an efficient way out into them. The game is going good in the small target, narrow target with a specific weapon. Unfortunately, Call of duty strike team is no longer available on Playstore but you can still download this game from third-party websites.

Asphalt Xtreme

A racing game from Gameloft agency. Being fearless on the road will leads towards the victory. In various five mode Asphalt Xtreme is spread out. Over 400 races, 500 challenges, extreme luxury cars with reward. Unleased all branded car in deck. In which user are allowed to play online with a world-class player and take place in between them.

In a race, the road has eight opponent to compete with each other. Run around classy location like sandstorms, hills, the river falls drift across them and cross the white belt to win. Off-road and on-road vehicles are given a thrill to a driver.

Sniper Fury

One best aimed shot from sniper and game over for enemy. 130 mission is set up in a strange location. It is a mystery for the gamer. All shooting weapon is in, and all are designed in 3D. Next level rifles shotgun, railguns are available in the store of the sniper fury to personalize a Dane of game.

Apart from missions, challenges, and weapons. Modes are a sprint of game. P2P challenges modes give an actual play, defense yourself by destroying opponent or steal their store. In between this motion for the particular action like bullet shot time, slow-motion disaster is like an add-on.

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