Top 5 Intense Action Games for Android That You Should Play in 2018

action games for Android

High RAM with compatible graphics in Android phone and you are not aware of top action games with stunning graphics than it is an injustice for action games. Below this article, you will get the most suitable game for your Android or iPhone devices.

Many Action games are a stand in the market, but some have a different impact on user mind. Shooting and Adventures games are first in the race. With the take on exciting missions, cheerful challenges, deadly and brutal weapons, tons of reward, leaderboard dominance is enough to attract action games. According to Statista, Action and Shooting are two most popular genres in gaming which cover almost 50% shares in the whole gaming industry in the USA.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie

In 2018, Black Ops Zombie is the best-running action game in Android and iPhone devices. As a best-selling game for a reason, face 50 adaptive level. Survive throughout the challenge and make your name into the category of ultimate undead champion of Black Ops Zombie.

After completing each level, you can unlock the store of weapons like shooting rifles, guns, shotguns. Make a group of four people and play, multiplayer option is available, and for that, you have to connect with local Wi-Fi. When you are done with the challenge, you get the COD point for an individual player it shows the progress of the player. So, Are you ready to kill some Zombies? then download call of duty zombies APK from here today.

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